[HEALTH]See What His Dad do To Save His Life


Check out what her dad has done to save his life after this baby was born prematurely 

A major testimony from a father in this article today sacrifices to save a young baby's life. The infant was first born. Testimony that after sharing his child's images, he has further responded in social media. 

See the illustration of a child born early on below: The following:

Both mother and father, when they are born without sufficient energy to survive, will sacrifice to save the infant.

By the God Grace, the child survived. See a picture below.

See what her dad sacrificed to save his life after this child was born prematurely 

Indeed, God is magnificent. He can do it very much and beyond the standards of any citizen. Let's learn in our lives to understand his good work. You still believe in his goodness and grace in any case. 

A man's testimony stirred some responses to social media because the images shared inspired many people and demonstrated what an authentic father might do to save his child. Following the love of Heaven, the love of your parents will be your next best thing. 

This little baby was born prematurely and his father had to take care of him in order to save his life. Kangaroo care is a form of prematurely born child care that supports the recovery and healing process. Kangaroo care has one of the benefits of maintaining a good bond between the parent and the infant (either mum or dad). The baby will be positioned on his chest when he is a man who is treating as seen in the picture above. The kid will be positioned in the middle of her face if she's a woman.

Kangaroo care has many advantages. It is not only safe for both premature and full-term children, but for parents as well. Mom and father will make skin-to-skin connections with the infant. 

The advantages of kangaroo care for your baby include: 

Stabilize your child's heart rate. 

Improves the baby's respiratory rate and normalizes the breathing

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