Stop criticizing Cecilia Marfo Said by Nana Agradaa

Cecilia Marfo and Joyce Blessing are trending on all social media stages on account of what occurred between them during a program facilitated by Dr. Kwame Kyei, who is one of the moguls in Ghana. During the Thanksgiving administration Joyce was called to perform and keeping in mind that serving in front of an audience, Cecilia Marfo, drew closer and grabbed the microphone being held by Joyce Blessing. With extraordinary energy, she took enormous steps towards Joyce and left her in stun by taking out the mouthpiece, Cecilia expressed that Joyce Blessing should re-visitation of her better half as indicated by a message she got from God in regards to their relationship. 

Ghanaians are responding to what exactly occurred among Joyce and Cecilia, online media clients are condemning Cecilia Marfo for disfavoring her associate out in the open and in any event, discussing her marriage out in the open for the sake of prescience. Nana Agradaa who is obsession priestess and a host on a mainstream TV program known as the "argument" has responded the issue on her TV program. 

Responding to the issue on her TV program called 'argument', Nana Agradaa upheld Cecilia Marfo for stepping in front of an audience to request that Joyce Blessing return to her better half. For what reason are Ghanaians assaulting the lady for simply making the best choice, during the program when Joyce Blessing was performing, Cecilia Marfo was moved by the Essence of God to convey that message to her so it wasn't her goal purchase she was leveled out of the Essence of God. 

Ghanaians ought to rather Attack Joyce Blessing for her disposition towards her significant other, after the issue of Joyce and spouse came, alot of conspicuous individuals including ministers have conversed with her to pardon her better half and return to her marriage, even the husband have apologized to her significant other however Joyce Blessing have decided to separate from her better half. 

On the off chance that you need to accomplish crafted by God however you can't excuse your own better half, at that point who should others gain from on the grounds that the individuals who are not in Christ are gaining from you the Christian. The holy book even says we should others intrudes with the goal that our dad in paradise will likewise pardon us our transgressions, so in the event that she can't submit to the good book, she should simply quit accomplishing crafted by God. 

Nana likewise uncovered that, Joyce Blessing has been following some flawed guidance from her companions who have separated from their spouses that is the reason she isn't eager to pardon her better half, all that presently shows God is miserable of your conduct towards your significant other.

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